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  • Mobility Scooters UK

    Mobility Scooters UK is run by RentaScoota; based in Waterlooville, we have earned a reputation for being one of the premier establishments in the UK for mobility scooter hire, rental and accessories. Through our network of rental centres we have been able to deliver mobility scooters that perfectly match the circumstances of our customers, wherever they are and for whatever reason they need a mobility scooter for. Our competitively priced hire packages combined with the wide-range of products we stock, means that we can effectively deal with all of their requirements quickly and effectively.

    We at Mobility Scooters UK and RentaScoota are now in a position to pass on how we have used our experience and specialist knowledge, combined with Internet advertising, to other mobility scooter hire colleagues wherever you are in country. One of the reasons for our success in increasing our custom has been that we have been able to attract customers by being ranked high for our niche in the main Internet search engine rankings. We have used a Hampshire SEO Company to optimise our web pages, and have quickly risen to the top of the rankings throughout the UK.

    How can this help you? We have set up a website that has pages spanning every county and most major towns in England. Each page of this website has been highly optimised and can be hired from us at RentaScoota for a reasonable monthly fee. This will save you the costs of procuring your own search engine optimisation consultants and will mean you will buy into a tried and tested way of reaching prospective clients via the Internet to increase your business.

    If you are interested in using the Mobility Scooters UK services or Mobility Scooter Hire and would like further information as to how it all works, call 0844 800 7074.

    Updates to the site can be found via our Mobility Scooter UK News pages.

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