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Mobility Scooter Hire For Sale!

April 4, 2012 by · Comments Off 

I have decided that Mobility Scooter UK is for-sale as I am no longer working with the people who used to take leads from this website. The site is in the top three for Mobility Scooter Hire in 450+ towns as well as for the term Mobility Scooters. I recently read that Google does not like people showing results like this; well hay; I have no need for this website so am happy to display them!

So how much can this website for earn? Not sure; I know it averages around £7 a day with Google ads, but will drop if kept on for too long. My old client was getting quite a few leads and only paying me £3 a day. The site could also be used as a directory as it has ranking already. So a number of agents * a price would generate £x.

By using the cheapest option Mobility Scooter UK generated £1,095 last year; so a multiple of three (current industry standard) times this figure is £3285; a cost of one large ultra modern mobility scooter!

I would love to work with the people who used this site previously but am afraid all Bridges seem to have been burned; I would though sell all my mobility scooter sites to them for around £1,000 but they will not reply to any emails from me. Well I was critical and rightly so of how they treated me!

By the way, this post may be moved or modified at some point depending on what happens in the next few days; otherwise; as the title of the post says; Mobility Scooter Hire For Sale!

Yet Another Mobility Scooter Site

July 5, 2011 by · Comments Off 

Mobility Scooters are now seen in every High Street in every town; it is big business and we are please to be part of it. In fact we are so pleased we are thinking of moving this site to a new location; yet another Mobility Scooters site.

Moving this site will be risky and so there is currently a debate as too whether to do it or not; one thing is for sure, a decision will be made soon. What ever we decide hopefully or partnership with RentaScoota will continue.

New Site for Mobility Scooters

July 2, 2011 by · Comments Off 

I have purchased a new website for promoting Mobility Scooters and will be adding content too it shortly. The website will replace the old site soon as the name is a better suite for its purpose of gaining traffic for Mobility Scooters.

Mobility Scooters for Cheap Cruises

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We can now help you get Mobility Scooters for Cheap Cruises with the help of Cruisegle a UK based Cheap Cruises specialist. They can book you a cheap cruise and we can supply you with the Mobility Scooters that meet with the guidelines of the cruise lines. So if you require Mobility Scooters for Cheap Cruises contact us today!

Mobility Scooters in Europe

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RentaScoota are apparently thinking of expanding their Mobility Scooters network into Europe and are looking for people who offer a rental service to contact them in order to set up some form of union.

Mobility Scooter Bookmarks

December 20, 2010 by · Comments Off 

We have been placing some useful Mobility Scooter bookmarks on Bookmarky for you perusal!

Mobility Scooters on Posterous

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We have updated this Mobility Scooters on Posterous site changing the link for Mobility Scooters to point to RentaScoota.

Mobility Scooter Website Sold

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A Mobility Scooters website has been sold to a UK based web design company to supply RentaScoota with a new look for their network of independent Mobility Scooter shops. 

Mobility Scooters For Sale

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I have just put in an offer after seeing a post called Mobility Scooters For Sale on a website entitled Mobility Scooters. This would be a perfect fit for RentaScoota and their network of Mobility Scooter shops.

Mobility Scooter Hire, Sales, Repairs and Servicing of Mobility Scooters

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RentaScoota is The UK’s National Network for Mobility Scooters including Mobility Scooter Hire, Sales, Repairs and Servicing of Mobility Scooters.

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